Over stock marble fireplace mantels, starting $999. Marble bathtub as low as $1999.  Factory Direct  Dealers welcome. Amlink Marble Wish Everyone have a pleasant autunm!

Marble Fireplace

Stone Fountain

Marble Column

Stone Gazebo

Marble Bathtub

Marble Table

Marble Bench

Marble Doorway

Vase and Planter

Marble Statue

Marble Animal

Marble Abstract

Garden Ornament

Marble Urn

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Hand Craved Marble For Interior Application

marble fireplace stone fireplace surrounds marble statue stone statues marble column stone columns pillar

Marble Fireplace

Marble Statue Sculpture

Marble Column

marble animal sculpture stone animals marble bathtub stone bath tub marble table stone tables

Marble Animal Sculpture

Marble Bathtub

Marble Table

marble vases stone flower pot marble urn onyx urns

Marble Vase

Marble Indoor Fountain

Marble Urn


Hand Craved Marble For Exterior Decoration

marble gazebo stone gazebos marble fountain stone fountains hand carved marble door surround stone doorway

Marble Gazebo

Marble Fountain Outdoor

Marble Door Surround

garden stone ornament marble bench stone bench chair marble planters stone flower pot

Garden Stone Ornament

Garden Marble Bench

Marble Planter


About Best Stone Carving

Welcome to Best Stone Carving, a subsidiary of Amlink Marble Company. Having been in business for more than a decade, Best Stone Carving has emerged as a leading professional in the carved stone industry and an ultimate source in architectural stone marketplaces.

Headquartered in Ypsilanti, Michigan, and partnering with two state of the art carving and fabrication facilities in mainland China, Best Stone Carving manufactures, imports and distributes a complete  line of hand carved marble & stone products worldwide, including marble fireplace, stone fountain, stone gazebo, marble column, stone door surround, vanity stone, marble vase, marble planter, marble table, stone bench, garden ornaments. We make every effort to fulfill the challenging demands by maintaining the highest quality inventories with the largest selection at the lowest prices.

About Chinese Stone Carving Art

Located hundred mile south of Beijing, where the famous Beijing white marble is rooted, Quyang is known to be the birthplace of traditional Chinese stone carving art. Although Chinese carving art had not been introduced to America until recent year, it gained international attentions decades ago. The Forbidden City and Summer Palace, for example, are seen to have been built and decorated with many fine architectural accessories carved or sculptured in the high quality white marble.

The newly explored large reserve high quality color marble in the same area makes the city of Quyang even more geographically privileged in the carving industry. Best Stone Carving's facility in Quyang is one of the largest stone carving and sculpturing studios in China. Our sculptors have inherited their superior craftsmanship from their ancestors tracing back generations. With hundreds of years of combined carving experiences, Amlink Marble is well positioned to bring you the finest hand carved stone products one can possibly image to produce from "rock hard" natural stones.


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