Over stock marble fireplace mantels, starting $999. Marble bathtub as low as $1999.  Factory Direct  Dealers welcome. Best Stone Carving Wish Everyone have a pleasant summer!


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About Best Stone Carving

Welcome to beststonecarving.com. Having been in business for more than a decade, Best Stone Carving has emerged as a leading professional in the stone industry and an ultimate source in architectural stone marketplaces. Best Stone Carving ships its products worldwide. 

Our strength

 Large Material Selection    Best Stone Carving brings in the most popular raw  blocks from quarries all over the world and maintains strong relationships with quarry owners.  We make every effort to meet ever challenging demands by keeping the highest quality inventory with the largest selection while at the lowest prices.

World Class Craftsmanship    Quyang City is known to be the birthplace of traditional Chinese stone carving art.  Our carving facility in Quyang, lead by Mr. Zeng Yunan, a famous sculpturing artist,  is one of the largest in China. All sculptors working in our facility is under Mr. Zeng's supervision and have inherited their superb   craftsmanship from ancestors tracing back many generations. With hundreds years of combined stone carving experience, Best Stone Carving is set to bring you the finest art pieces one can possibly image to make from natural stones.

Professional Art Design    We at Best Stone Carving understand the importance of professional art design in the stone industry and have worked together with one of prominent colleges in China to build the largest Art FiberCast  workshop, making a  group of professors and graduate students in Architect a major part of our professional  design team. Coupling original artist's imagination with traditional craftsman's skill, Best Stone Carving guarantees the value and integrity of every piece of products it supplies.

Technological Innovation    The latest stone cutting, shaping and finishing technologies have been implemented in our fabrication factory.  A complete line of automated processing equipment not only allows us to output large volume of medallions,   door surroundings, windowsills, countertops and other building marble granite products within short period of time but also significantly improved productivities of our hand-carved art pieces. Technological innovation keeps us ahead of competition.

Customization and Affordability    Proven strong track record of supplying customized marble granite products is another competitive advantage of Best Stone Carving. We can fulfill the needs of any marble granite stone project. Whether big, small, complex or simple, we will do our job in a timely manner. We are proud of efficient operation of our factory, which enables us to be a pricing leader in the industry without compromising product quality.

Safe and Fast Delivery    Shipping stone is not a simple task. We have created a unique packing method that has been tested to be capable of minimizing possible damages to marble granite as well as other stone products during shipping. Your order will be shipped safely and promptly.

Stone Carving is a complicated process

Fiber Glass Modeling

Rough Carving



Fine Tune

Work Completed


Carving Facility

carved stone gazebo marble fountain fireplace

Over 40,000SM stock yard makes it possible to assemble your orders before being shipped


marble fireplace plant

In-door plants ensure all season productions


Top Level Stone Carving Artist Certificate


learn to carve marble fireplace mantel

A young sculptor is being trained

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