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marble fireplace stone fireplaces

marble fireplace stone fireplaces    

Fireplace Mantel

marble fountain    

Stone Fountain

marble column stone columns    

Marble Column

marble gazebo stone gazebos    

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marble fireplace stone fireplaces

marble fountain    

Marble Overmantel

marble fountain    

Statuary Fireplace

marble column stone columns    

Floral Fireplace

marble gazebo stone gazebos    

Simple Fireplace

marble gazebo stone gazebos    

Multicolor Fireplace

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marble fireplace stone fireplaces marble fireplace stone fireplaces

Statue Carved Fireplace Surround

Hard work of generations of  talented sculptors have turned China's finest stone works into a proud tradition of creating unrivaled beauty. This series of fireplace mantel is more than a marble fireplace. It is stone carving art. Stone fireplace ranges from classic replica to custom design,  available in marble limestone sandstone  travertine.

Floral Fireplace Mantel Surround

This is the most popular series of marble fireplace in North American market. Hundreds of classic replicas of floral fireplace marble mantel surrounds including English and French styles to choose from.   This series of stone fireplaces are available in marble travertine and limestone. We size each marble fireplace mantel unit so to fit in your space.

marble fireplace stone fireplaces marble fireplace stone fireplaces

 Best Stone Carving Featured  Mixed Color Fireplace

marble fireplace stone fireplaces

Stone Fireplace with Overmantel

Decorating a wall above fireplace mantel can be tricky. A marble fireplace with an over mantel is the best solutions.  Look at this series of luxury marble fireplace mantel and surrounds, they are perfect choices for any high ceiling structures. They are carved art pieces that can be either replica of famous designs tracing back many centuries or in modern contemporary custom styles.

 Simple Geometry Marble Fireplace

Luxury sometimes does not have to carry big price tag. This series of simple marble fireplace or other stone fireplace mantel surrounds can just do that for you. These fireplace mantels will bring beauty and elegancy of natural stones to your beloved homes in a cost effective way. The simple stone fireplace surround is available in virtually any type of natural stones including marble, travertine, sandstone, limestone, granite and even slate


Best Stone Carving Fireplace

It is all about luxury decoration and cost efficiency. Hand carved solid stone fireplace mantels from those famous designers of many centuries ago and experienced modern craftsmen combined certainly will create exquisite beauty and true value for your home. Best Stone Carving produces and supplies fireplace mantel surrounds of the finest quality possible at  affordable prices.

There are thousands mantel suppliers but only one Best Stone Carving facility. With production base in northern China, the birth place of Chinese traditional stone carving arts, and sales and support center in US, Best Stone Carving is positioned to make a peace between quality & costs.  Best Stone Carving is the ultimate source for your stone fireplace mantel needs. Browsing through our product showcase, you will see all Best Stone Carving's fireplace mantel units are all detail  and accuracy oriented.

Fireplace surrounds made in natural stones include each of the parts from the hearth up to columns of both side  to top mantel  shelves, providing an overall incredible look to the area that fireplace boxes are situated. Hand carved marble fireplace surrounds can be designed to meet individual preferences in a series of sophisticated and luxurious styles. The impurities existing with natural marble result in impressively patterned  color variation. After being polished, the vein-type of color variations will stand out to make the decorations very attractive and unique.  General color tones for stone fireplace mantel and surround include white, red, beige, cream, green & black.

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