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marble fireplace stone fireplaces

marble fireplace stone fireplaces    

Fireplace Mantel

marble fountain    

Stone Fountain

marble column stone columns    

Marble Column

marble gazebo stone gazebos    

Stone Gazebo

marble bathtub stone bath tub    

Marble Bathtub

marble table stone tables    

Marble Table

marble bench stone chair    

Marble Bench

marble doorway stone door surround    

Marble Doorway

marble vase stone planter    

Vase and Planter

marble statue    

Marble Statue

marble animal statue    

Marble Animal

marble abstract sculpture    

Marble Abstract

garden stone ornament    

Garden Ornament

marble urn    

Marble Urn

stone colors    

Color Options

marble fountain stone fountains

marble fountain    

Large Marble Fountain

marble fountain    

Stone Wall Fountain

marble column stone columns    

Regular Stone Fountain

marble gazebo stone gazebos    

Marble Ball Fountain

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marble fountain stone fountains marble fountain stone fountains

Large Stone Fountain With Coping

Typical large stone fountains are ten  to twenty feet tall, twelve to twenty four feet in overall diameter, suitable for large garden, parks, squares and the front of commercial buildings.

Stone Fountains for Average Gardens

This series of stone fountains is 7 to 10 feet tall, 4-6 feet in diameter, suitable for average gardens, squares, parks and hotels. These stone fountains can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.

marble fountain stone fountains marble fountain stone fountains

Stone Wall Fountains

Marble wall fountains are hand carved in a way to replicate the original designs to the smallest detail. Stone wall fountains provide attractive ambience to your space. Custom design and carving of marble wall fountains are available at Amlink.

Marble Ball Fountain Floating Sphere

These heavy polished balls spins on a frictionless cushion of water and continues to roll until the water is shut off. Nevertheless, even a child can stop the marble balls or change the direction of their spin, or set the ball on an accelerated twirl. 


Best Stone Carving Fountain

In Chinese, there is a phrase called "Feng Shui" in which Feng means wind and Shui is Water. However, when these two words are put together, "Feng Shui" becomes a symbol of luck, prosperity and wealth. Fountain is one of the best expressions for "Feng Shui", while marble fountain certainly is the most elegant version. Whether large or small, a stone fountain will bring a wonderful ambience to your space.

Best Stone Carving supplies the finest marble and stone fountains. Best Stone Carving fountains are hand made one at a time by most experienced stone sculpturing artists. We are confident that our state of the art workmanship, large style color selections, custom designing capabilities as well as great material choices have made us the ultimate source for any type of the hand carved stone fountains.  Would you like to own a piece of valuable natural art in your front yard? Try Best Stone Carving's hand carved stone fountains !

Stone fountains include four general categories, i.e.,  large fountains with match coping designed for parks, squares and home building with a very large yard; regular fountain designed for average home garden decoration; wall fountains designed for being installed against walls; and ball fountains, which are also known to be  floating sphere. Amlink Marble fountains are available in marble, travertine, limestone or sandstone, and granite for some small sizes.

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